Quality is Predominant

Being a creator of digital products is like opening new doors for ideas, products, services, in a dematerialised market but a real market : the www.

But this is also positioning to compete with competitors, unveiling services to demanding clients and always more experienced on the web.

So, how to make difference ? What is a flawless quality ? But first,  maybe could we start to think about the concept of « quality » ?

In development, whatever what technology you are using (DrupalWordpressCordova, native mobile...) or which platform (web, mobile, Tv, IoT), users are adamant : their experience has to be seamless, as mentionned by Chungsup Lee, Samsung Electronics Levant Predident, about the new Galaxy S7 in the articleof Venture Magazine, knowing to adapt to the different medias and their changes.

Quality in technologic development is not a simple step, but it is a process. Each phase is really important to reach this aim.

Handling quality in each phase, from conception to the product life, is essential. To do that, Esokia uses a strict methodology mixed to the use of the best practices in coding and the use of appropriate tools and technologies, but also to manage projects. This kind of approach include also communication with the client; quality is considered globally.

It is difficult and even impossible, to « save » a digital product with a quality assurence step simply integrated very quickly in a project. Quality requires an involvement and a real focus all time, this is a state of mind. The process continues even during monitoring and evolution of the product when it is on the market, available for the users. To this effect, a guideline for quality report is settled at Esokia  for each phase of development, to ensure a product which will offer a unique user experience.

Esokia evolves and builds remarkable and high quality digital products with this values.

Franck Da Costa

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