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Developing sites factory on Drupal with Esokia

First, let's talk about Drupal which is a very powerful and evolutive open-source CMS used easily to publish, manage and organise content on a website.  It is extremely flexible, especially thanks to numerous templates and easy modification of HTML/CSS code.  It also contain a plugin base for many different features.  Drupal is a CMS most used by largest companies due to high traffic generated on their website.

What is a site factory?

It is a simple and quick way of industrialising production as well as maintenance of your websites.  This allows you to create a website on the same web server with the same configuration of your CMS and duplicate them on new sites to easily adapt them to your needs. Using this tool, we could think that all the sites look alike, but it is very easy to simply customize the sites with different templates available. Everything can be managed easily on the single platform in just a few minutes. These features make this tool a relevant start up investment to feed its brand and in a long term, allows everything to be managed efficiently and by saving money.

At Esokia, we use 3 types of sites factory to meet your needs : 

Site Factory Drupal Aegir Multi Site Domain Access
  • Aegir

This software create configurations required for the web server, the database, launches Drupal installation and reload required services, all automatically.


- Quick creation by filling out a simple form
- A very extensible platform

  • Multi-site


- Simple and rapid management of themes
- Quick update on modules present on all sites
- Savings in terms of RAM usage on servers (Faster)

  • Domain access

Every domain match with a sub domain but all point to a single mono-base Drupal installation


- Flexible software
- Easy administration and usage (if less than 10 sub sites)

Examples of site factories developed by Esokia on Drupal:



2 Wheels transport website

  • One site per Country
  • Every site has specific functions


Sun ressort logo

Hotel Website in Mauritius and Maldives

  • Same website and design structure for each hotel
  • Only the content changes

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