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Esokia is flying away with Air Mauritius !

Founded in 1968, Air Mauritius is the national airline of Mauritius and the first Indian Ocean airline in 2019. It serves more than thirty destinations worldwide and operates a large number of flights per week. 

The Challenge: to ensure a successful take-off !

Esokia was contacted by Air Mauritius in order to address a major need: to revitalize their website with a new optimized design for conversion. The airline turned to the largest independent digital agency in the Indian Ocean to work alongside on this major project. So we embarked on this journey.

Our Solution: maintaining the best flying conditions

We built up a dedicated team of about ten experts in UX/UI, web development, writing, digital tester and project management for the creation of the Air Mauritius 2.0 website.

  • A client-oriented company

Influenced by neuromarketing, Esokia was able to identify the needs of users and new graphical trends. Thus our team performed a complete audit of the previous website in order to define and propose several design prototypes. The aesthetic impression needed to be more modern and elegant. On the technical side, we opted for more reactivity and ergonomy.

  • Strengthen online visual identity

With the support of our UX/UI experts and development skills, we have enhanced the brand image, completely redesigned the flight booking process and pushed the personalization of special offers to its maximum potential.

  • Progress Sitefinity: the most powerful corporate CMS of its generation

Released by Microsoft, the CMS Corporate Progress Sitefinity allows to improve and personalize customer experience. This tool is ideal for deploying a digital strategy. It facilitates the management of digital marketing campaigns and e-commerce campaigns.

The result: a successful landing

The collaboration between the Air Mauritius team and our team of Sitefinity experts, UX/UI developers and digital marketers in Mauritius has been rewarding. The new website is ready to take off and provide new experiences for its customers.

When the first Mauritian company meets the Digital leader in Mauritius, it results in a modern, efficient and aerial site!


Technologie : Progress Sitefinity

Date : Novembre 2019

Website :

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