méthodologie chez esokia
Our méthodology

Think Design

Neuromarketing teaches us that your website has only a few seconds to convince a user to continue his journey with your brand. Design and ergonomics are paramount to turning your visitors into clients. The image of a website reflects the professionalism and the well-being of your company, therefore we put the user experience at the foreground.


The Agile method

The Agile method takes into consideration the fact that the need can / will probably evolve. In this type of program, it is unnecessary to specify and plan entirely the product’s target. The first objective is fixed in the short term, then its realization begins. When the goal is reached, a meeting is organized to note the possible improvements. After that, the next objective is given and the team returns into a stage of implementation until satisfaction. Thus, the Agile method will be used to offer better adaptability, visibility and risk management.


Quality and tools for the project

In the heart of our processes: 10 years of experience in testing and quality assurance.

Regular communication: Skype, messenger, email, specific tools available to our customers depending on the project (Mantis bug tracker kind, Slack, Jira, Redmine, Mantis, Github, SVN, Google Drive, Dropbox ...).

An omnipresent quality approach with project management made by European Internet professionals. Esokia assigns you a project manager, moreover, our teams are trained to the requirements of quality and respect of the procedures of the French agencies.

A marketing competence which has broken away from existing offshore supply: Esokia is not limited to the creation or administration of websites, but works upstream on the overall internet strategy, realizes functional designs with project managers and clients downstream,  and achieves full implementation of the strategy traffic and revenue development.


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