WebCup Mauritius 2017: let’s go for the adventure !

2013 was THE year for Esokia who won the first edition of the WebCup Mauritius! Now, this event is a must visit for all passionate developers in Mauritius. The next edition will be Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st, 2017 at the BPML Tower 1 in Ebène. Let’s go !

What is the WebCup?

The WebCup is a yearly contest of web development between several islands of Indian Ocean: Comoros, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Mayotte, Seychelles and La Réunion. Rules are simple: the islands compete the same day on the same subject. After this step, the winning team from each country is selected for the international final of Indian Ocean. This year, beautiful Rodrigues island will welcome the final.

So, fans of digital in Mauritius, be ready for the WebCup Mauritius 2017! Whatever your specialty is (development, graphics, copywriting, project management, community management, etc.) you can participate, by yourself or for a school or a team in the category “For FUN” or “PRO”. Be aware, the team is limited to 4 people.

Esokia Webagency and WebCup Mauritius

Between Esokia and the WebCup, there’s almost a love story. Since the creation of the event in Mauritius, our digital Group and our developers never missed any of the editions. At Esokia, we are not afraid by the challenge. This year, we sponsor the event and we are proud to support this contest which highlights the ICT area in Mauritius and the participants and their competences.

WebCup Mauritius is also an occasion for developers or actors of the digital world to prove your talent and show your ideas. A real springboard which can be useful for your future projects. This event will help you win a visibility in Indian Ocean if you win the Grail: the international final.

We will be present Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st at the BPML Tower in Ebène to support the participants of this trial. May we say trial? We forgot to tell you that the contest is a… 24 hours’ non-stop contest!

Ready for the challenge? Click here to join us at the WebCup Mauritius 2017 : maurice.webcup.fr.

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