Sitecore vs Sitefinity

Sitefinity vs. Sitecore: which CMS for your business?

A content management system (CMS) is a software program that allows you to design, manage and update dynamic websites. Directly installed on the company's website, the management interface can be used from a web browser.
Sitefinity is a CMS for creating, storing, managing and presenting content on your website. The content and pages of Sitefinity CMS are multilingual and you can use a single instance of Sitefinity CMS to manage multiple sites that can share content. It is designed for flexibility and scalability to give teams the freedom they need to integrate external applications or use custom third-party modules.

Sitecore is a CMS that enables the creation of sophisticated and attractive web solutions for businesses. Sitecore enables web content publishers and marketing specialists to fully control all aspects of their website, from social integration to advanced personalization, e-commerce, and more.

It is similar to a powerful, fully customizable Windows desktop interface, which allows new Sitecore users to quickly become familiar with the system.

Sitefinity vs Sitecore: comparation
Let's first discuss the common points of these two giants of web content management. Sitefinity and Sitecore are both used by major international companies such as Procter & Gamble and L'Oréal for Sitecore and BNP Paribas and Danone for Sitefinity. They use the ASP.NET framework (framework that is used to generate dynamic web pages). They have a clear and flexible interface which makes it easy to create content.


Now let's go to the comparison of the two CMSs. All benchmarks are unanimous, security is a big strength of Sitefinity who thought about the security of its content management system at all levels. It offers a complete security audit of the site followed by a third party validation, as well as a web security module as standard.
The platform and infrastructure are also strengths of Sitefinity, including the complete and simplified management of people and publications by the administrator but also the management of languages.
Sitefinity offers many more features than Sitecore and it integrates with many more systems and business applications (better support, more options for implementation of distribution etc ...).

In terms of marketing management, Sitefinity offers more features including customization that allows you to identify your targets and create content that meets their needs.

The creation of content and publications is simplified thanks to the drag and drop, the many templates and themes, the very good responsive management.

Content management is also a strong point, with a highly optimized SEO management module and community management support.

What conclusion can we make?
The analysis of our experts allows us to make this observation.
Both CMSs get similar user satisfaction and this shows that both systems are worth it.

However, Sitefinity has been on the market for much less than its competitor and yet it presents itself as its most serious challenger. If Sitecore is still in a leading position, it is also thanks to its seniority on the market. Since its creation, Sitefinity has experienced an impressive growth allowing it to match Sitecore and even surpass it in many areas.

There is no doubt that Sitecore's leading position will be threatened in the years to come with the rise of Sitefinity.

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