Christmas Gifts

Ideas for gifts: Smart gifts are on a roll for Christmas !

Just a few days until Christmas! Did you find your gifts? Not yet? That’s fine with us - we have several ideas to help you out in your search. We are passionate about technologies and we have prepared a short list of ideas for you to put smart gifts under the Christmas tree. 


Smart gift #1: Virtual Reality Headset

You have certainly heard about it, that’s a fact. The virtual reality headset fixes on the head and gives incredible 3D experiences in virtual reality to the user. A technology that gives us the possibility to live the experience as we were in some video… with the same emotions that go with it. Both adults and children will love it! 

There is something for everyone’s taste and pocket. 

Smart gift #2: Drone

You can’t miss the drone. Those funny flying objects have overwhelmed the sky these last months. Flown at distance, they are a good way for photographers and video makers to discover new extraordinary and original points of view. Their advantage? They can take off from anywhere. 

Smart gift #3: Smart Watch

Even if the market is not developed a lot, smart watch could certainly be found under the Christmas tree this year. With these little devices, you can move some of a smartphone functionalities on your watch. Useful to avoid bringing out this one from your pocket. 

A gift that would please to sportspeople who will find specialized applications, GPS and heart rate monitor on certain watches. 

Smart gift #4: Smart Button

What is the smart button? This technology changes with the brands and its activity. The most famous are the ones that connect to your smartphone and help you to realize actions easily at distance. 


Of course, there is a lot of other possibilities: GoPro, robots-toys, vacuum-robots, smartphones… The world of technology is opened to you to bring some originality under the Christmas tree and leave a mark on this 2016 Christmas!

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