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Esokia uses Android SDK for Android Mobile Application Development

What is Android SDK ? 

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. As a result, Google is paying particular attention to the development of its Software Development Kit (SDK). Android SDK is the software development kit for Android allowing to create applications on the platform of the same name. Applications developed under Android SDK use the Java programming language and run on the virtual machine Dalvik.


Why use the Android SDK ? 

An SDK generally incorporates a debugging tool, an integrated development environment (IDE), or a user manual to facilitate the software development. Improvements to Android SDK go hand in hand with the overall evolution of the Android platform.


Tools built into Android SDK

The SDK Android includes in its kit examples of source code, a tool of development, an emulator, a debugger, a documentation about the Android API, some tutorials as well as libraries. This software development kit is offering an ideal development environment for Android apps. Here is an example of some of the tools included in Android SDK.


Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a toolkit included in the Android SDK package. It consists of both client-side and server-side programs that communicate with each other.



Fastboot is a protocol diagnostic tool included in the SDK package, mainly used to flash, modify, or rewrite partitions via a USB connection on the computer.


Android NDK

Libraries written in C / C ++ can be compiled using the NDK native development kit. Android NDK offers the possibility of using Java calls through the Dalvik virtual machine.

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